Company Profile
    Airfoil Impellers was formed in 1958 to provide cast aluminum blades and fans for the air movement industry. Over the last 50 years, the company has captured a growing share of the market and established itself as a leader in design and production of fans and related air moving equipment.
    Airfoil has its own modern 35,000 square foot plant, which includes a foundry, machine shop, sheet metal shop, plus assembly and quality control centers all under one roof. This central location provides both cost containment and high efficiency, which means prompt response to production orders as well as replacement blades in emergency situations. Airfoil has earned a reputation for quick response time. We ship replacement blades in hours, not days.
    Airfoil Impellers is a company committed to quality. Each component in an Airfoil product has been selected for its durability and reliability. We use premium motors, the finest raw materials, and high grade paint. Our aluminum fans are cast in our own foundry, and are balanced beyond the standard recommended tolerances receiving multiple balance tests to guarantee vibration-free operation. We carefully check and inspect every part of our product before it gets our stamp of approval, and we test run each fan unit before shipment.
    As an OEM fan supplier for many major companies who design and build refrigeration and cooling equipment, Airfoil has established itself as the industry standard. Customer satisfaction is included with every product we manufacture. We are here to serve all of your axial air moving needs.

Note: Axial fan blades and fan housings are the only products we manufacture.

Contact Information

Tel: (979) 822-6418
Fax: (979) 775-5588

P.O. Box 9966
College Station
TX 77842-7966