The Airfoil design is highly efficient. Designed to move large volumes of air at low operating cost, the blades are non-overloading to prevent motor burnout. Airfoil provides fast, professional service, with products designed to meet your specific requirements. Imitated by many, Airfoil quality is duplicated by none.

Agricultural Impellers
    Airfoil Agricultural Impellers are mainly used in Tubeaxial Units, and are available in sizes from 12 inches through 28 inches in diameter. The unicast aluminum Airfoil designed impellers have 6, 7, or 8 blades, taper-lock bushings, and can be used in applications up to 3450rpm. The efficiency of these blades allows air delivery of up to 5.5 inches of static pressure.
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Industrial Impellers
    Airfoil Industrial Impellers are used in Panel Fans, Tubeaxial Fans, Roof Ventilators, Wall Fans, Cooling Towers, Refrigeration Evaporators, and air cooled condensers. Industrial Impellers at Airfoil are cast aluminum blades and hubs featuring bolted, as well as unicast construction. These blades are available in unicast up to 48" and bolted up to 96", with 3, 4, 6, 7, or 8 blades, and are equipped with taper-lock bushings.

Marine Duty Impellers
    Airfoil Impellers has a large selection of Marine Duty replacement blades. We have designs for engine intake, general ventilation, and platform bug blowers. Check out our quality and fair pricing on your marine duty requirements.

Refrigeration Impellers
    Unicast (or one-piece) aluminum castings are ideal for freezing applications. Over time, the stress from moisture, freezing, and thawing can lead to premature failure at the blade-hub intersection in bolted blades. Airfoil Refrigeration Impellers employ a unicast design, eliminating gaps in the blade-hub intersection, bypassing the problems commonly found in bolted, riveted, and adjustable-pitch designs when operated in freezing conditions.