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A-Frame Man Cooler With Locking Wheels

Portable A-Frame Man Cooler fans provide heavy-duty air movement for personnel and equipment cooling. Featuring Airfoil Impellers cast aluminum impellers, portable A-Frame units rotate 270 degrees on their base and come with an optional lifting lug and heavy duty locking wheels.

Standard housings are fabricated using steel, but are also available in aluminum and stainless steel construction. Additionally, steel housings come standard with an enamel finish, with optional epoxy and hot dip galvanized finishes available.

·  Blast Freezing
·  Cold Storage
·  Equipment Cooling
·  Food Processing
·  General Ventilation
·  Personnel Cooling
·  Product Cooling
Housing Material Options:
·  Steel (Enamel Finish)
·  Steel (Epoxy Finish)
·  Steel (Hot-Dip Galvanized)
·  Aluminum
·  Stainless Steel
Drive Mechanism:
·  Direct Drive
·  270° Tilt
·  Continuous Welded Housing
·  NEMA T-Frame Motor Mount
·  Heavy Duty Locking Wheels
·  Lifting Lug

Cut Sheet
A-Frame Man Cooler Cut Sheet To view or print model specifications,
download the product cut sheet.